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Why Russian Women Love Your Masculinity

A photo of a russian woman walking on the sidewalk
Russian WomenRussian women desire assertive and confident men.

It would seem that nowadays, if you asked a hundred different people what they thought “being a man” meant, you’d get a hundred and one different answers. In modern western culture, calls for the redefining and restructuring of traditional masculinity are loud and constant. In the dating world, this has left many men dazed and confused as to how they should balance women’s expectations with reality. Fortunately for those who believe their inherent masculinity is no longer in demand, Russian women exist.

There are different types of masculinity. Some are seen through outward physical appearances, others are in the manifestation of inward character and personality traits. In general, assertiveness, strength, and confidence are qualities that commonly depict the classic masculine figure.

To be fair, any extreme trait is undesirable and should be managed. Excessive aggression and violence are in most cases inexcusable and should not be tolerated. They should not, however, be defining characteristics of masculinity.

Dating culture in places like the United States is in many ways the polar opposite of what exists in Russia. Russian society in general is much more conservative and traditional than its western counterparts.

Women in Russia expect men to be men. They not only desire, but expect their suitors to demonstrate this very idea. So what exactly are they looking for in a man? Do you fancy yourself a manly man or exhibit strong masculine traits? Here are some things that Russian women expect their men to show:

They expect their man to fight for them.

Figuratively and literally. You see, Russian women aren’t all that carefree and easy. They expect a man to earn their love. They want men who show determination when courting them.

A good example would be how men in Russia don’t necessarily take “no” for an answer. Now, don’t misinterpret this as a breach of consent. When a Russian woman says “no” to you, it’s oftentimes an invitation to try harder. Don’t worry, you’ll know if you start crossing the line.

If you are dating a Russian woman, you can be sensitive but at the same time persistent and determined. Say you want to go ice skating with her. You know she’ll enjoy it, but she will be hesitant at first. Don’t give up and encourage her. Tell her that it’s all going to be fine. When done right, she will give in.

They expect men to show strength and confidence.

You know you are dating a Russian woman when she can sense insecurity like a shark senses blood in the water. It’s considered unattractive, so you better take notice, even if you are dating online. Many well-mannered and easy going men have a good sense of humor and are often willing to admit when they aren’t knowledgeable about something. This is particularly common in western culture.

In Russia, men aren’t encouraged to show weakness. You could ask a Russian guy to fix the plumbing and he’d dive nose first even if he can’t tell a hammer from a wrench. He’d most likely insist that they’re the same thing.

While this doesn’t always produce a desirable effect, women expect their suitors to be pillars of confidence and strength. A very important thing to distinguish, however, is that truly strong men understand the bounds of their strength. They know that being strong doesn’t mean you need to be aggressive, stubborn, or even violent. Truly weak men tend to overcompensate by acting overly aggressively or violently. This kind of masculinity is rooted in low self-esteem and insecurity.

If you want to display your inner strength and confidence, start by dressing up. Don’t dress too relaxed for a date, but rather put on at least a smart looking jacket, some fine leather shoes, and comb your hair.

More importantly, work on your body posture and speak in straight, definite sentences. While it’s important to express your emotions from time to time, don’t let your guard down too often.

Practice being an assertive gentleman - sensitive but always in control. When in doubt, ask yourself, “What would James Bond do?”

They want to feel safe and secure.

In traditional Russian culture, men are looked up to as leaders. Many women in Russia desire to have a family in the traditional sense, thus they look to men who can be providers and leaders for their family.

As mentioned, they love it when their man fights for them. They want to be safe, knowing they are secure in the reliable arms of a real man. If someone disrespects or makes unwanted advances on your Russian date, you are expected to take control of the situation. It is always advised to be diplomatic, but do what you must to defend your woman.

What you should do.

The first thing you need to do when dating a Russian woman is to fully accept that she desires the masculine traits in you. Know what those are and what best suits your personality. It’s no use to fake manliness.

One of the first things to enhance your manliness is to be assertive. There are a few things that exude more confidence than a man who persists to get what he wants. Assertiveness is not about stepping over people, but rather not letting people step over you.

A good example would be when you are on a date in a fancy restaurant. The waiter serves the lobster and it’s a bit cold. While weaker men just accept what is given with an “Oh well..” attitude, you instead insist that you be brought a better cooked lobster. Always insist on good, quality service.

Another thing you can do to magnify your masculine image is to be decisive and firm with your actions. When you say you are going to do something, do it. When you make choices, don’t hesitate. Stick by them. Remember, Russian women admire men who are leaders. They expect you to lead in the relationship, and in the family.

There are so many ways to show true masculinity and come out as the perfect gentleman. Being masculine isn’t about being the embodiment of the classic action movie hero, but it’s about accepting and focusing on the strengths in you. Start being in control of yourself and doing the aforementioned things, and you should catch the eye of many Russian women.

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