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How Russian Women are in Marriage?

A client together with a beautiful Russian single
Russian WomenRussian women are one of the most sought-after brides in the world.

One of the most exciting things about experiencing a new culture is getting to participate in the unique traditions and festivities celebrated among the people. With regards to marriage, it is considered as one of the most sacred ceremonies in Russian culture. Families and loved ones always look forward to this blessed event, especially the reception following the wedding ceremony, which is filled with a lot of feasting and merrymaking among everyone involved.

There are indeed a lot of foreign men who are interested in marrying younger Russian women. It’s because when these women are ready to open their hearts to love and marriage, no matter how old or young they are, they focus wholeheartedly in fulfilling their role as a devoted wife.

At a young age, Russian girls are already encouraged to date a man who could possibly be their future husband. This is because Russia’s marriage culture has a tradition of expecting young women to be married and to have a family of their own at a certain age. So as these women grow up, they are already searching for potential husbands. What’s very interesting is that nowadays, they search for potential husbands among older foreign men, which is why older foreign men take the opportunity to meet and date these women.

That being said, finding a suitable husband is not a simple task for single Russian ladies. Although they are aware of their stunning beauty, physique, and impressive intellect, what they strive for most in life is to be married to a devoted husband. Most of these women even admit that they can only find true happiness in married life

Amazing Qualities of Russian Women

Single men who are ready to be committed to a faithful relationship don’t just look for a random beautiful woman to cherish their life with. They also seek notable qualities that make a woman a good lifetime partner. So if you’re truly interested in dating Russian women, here are some of their amazing qualities which you can familiarize yourself with:

  • They are friendly and modest.

    Although Russian women are known to have an intimidating beauty, they are surprisingly very friendly. They don’t encourage competition among other women, but instead, they focus on their own personality traits and work hard to have life achievements of their own. Together with their modest personality, they certainly make an ideal woman to go out with or even marry.

  • They value the concept of romance.

    A Russian woman just loves everything romantic. From a bouquet of flowers to a box of chocolates or from opening doors for her to showering her with pleasant compliments, every sweet gesture you make will never go unappreciated. Her strong passion for romance shows just how loving and sympathetic she can be. And let’s face it, it totally warms your heart when you’re able to make the woman you care about so happy with just those simple yet very sweet gestures.

  • They are proud of their achievements.

    Another trait a Russian woman has is that she always aspires to be at her best. And it definitely shows when she has achieved certain goals in life as it allows her to gain a good amount of confidence and wit, two of the many things that make her an attractive person. From a very young age, Russian girls have made it a habit of being able to take care of themselves. Thus, this type of independence sets them apart from other women and inspires men to become even better companions.

  • They have great cooking skills.

    Another commendable quality these women have is their talent in cooking. This is one of the reasons most of these women prefer to be housewives. Their taste and knowledge of delicious Russian meals are garnered from their early childhood, and you can tell once you have a try at their skilled cooking.

  • She will value your trust for as long as you’re together.

    Yes, Russian women are highly trustworthy. They will keep doing their best to earn and value your trust because they grew up having such honest personalities and they know how awful it is when your own trust is betrayed, especially by someone you love. Being honest and trustworthy are very favorable traits which help strengthen one’s relationship and will indeed come in handy when you’re married to a Russian woman.

Russian Brides vs Western Brides

Marrying a Russian woman
Russian WomenExperience true love with your future Russian bride!

Familiarizing yourself with the Russian dating culture is a thrilling experience. As a result, you will have a good understanding of the differences between Russian and Western brides.

A Russian bride is very enthusiastic about marriage for the blessed opportunity of being able to enjoy life together with a caring husband and the hope of having their own children in the future. Other than that, she makes an excellent housewife. In Western culture, most wives are still attached to their careers, making it a bit difficult for them to look after their home and their kids at the same time.

The good thing about having your wife take care of everything at home is you won’t have to worry as much. When you come home from work, your Russian wife will have prepared delicious food for you, and you’ll find that everything in the house is in order because of her.

More importantly, Russian brides are known to be family-oriented. Their attitude toward family values is highly acknowledged. To them, all the challenges involved in marriage and family that lead to physical and emotional stress are nothing compared to the happiness they feel. They purely believe that being ready to have a family means you are ready to be happy for the rest of your life. On the other hand, most Western brides prefer to have stable careers before considering marriage and a family.

With a Russian bride, you’ll have the privilege to feel like you’re the only man in her life that she’s ever had the honor to be with. That’s how affectionate she is toward loving her husband and supporting him through thick and thin.

Wedding Traditions for Russian Women

Like any other country, Russia also has its own wedding traditions which are still practiced and celebrated by Russian couples today.

The Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya (ZAGS) is a registry office where Russian couples go to when they want to get married. After filling out a registration form to officially marry each other, they patiently wait for about 30 days for the ceremony to take place. From then on, they start to plan for the reception and the exciting festivities to follow.

During a wedding ceremony, the couple is accompanied by what they refer to as witnesses (svideteli), who are usually the best friends of the bride and groom, similar to that of having a best man and a maid of honor. In the course of the official wedding (brakosochetanie), the usual attendees are the closest family and friends of the couple. The ceremony is brief, with the exchange of wedding vows and placing of rings done by the bride and groom. The couple also has the option to have a larger gathering for the ceremony which takes place at the registry office (ZAGS) or a “marriage palace.”

As part of their marriage tradition, the newlyweds and their guests go on an exciting tour (progulka) of famous historical sites. They also pay their respects as they visit the graves of the country’s war heroes. Another part of the tradition is they set doves free in celebration of their marriage.

After the ceremony and the tour, the wedding party finally head to where the reception is being held. They usually have a full two-day celebration packed with food, music, dancing, and non-stop partying.

If you ever witness or take part in a Russian wedding, you will be able to appreciate how much effort the ceremony officials, and even the newlyweds together with their respective families, put into organizing a heartwarming and unforgettable event for everyone to enjoy!

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