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Unique Cultural Differences Men Experience Dating Russian Women

A photo of a russian woman walking on the sidewalk
Russian WomenDue to the varying cultures and traditions between western men
and Russian customs, it is quite inevitable to experience differences when it comes to culture.

The internet has pretty much revolutionized the dating scene. From what was once a meet, date, and then connect became a connect, meet, and then date. Through online dating, singles have been given the opportunity to start dating Russian women from anywhere around the world.

International dating and foreign marriages have been the greatest contributor to cultural diversity around the globe.

Since online matchmaking, statistics have shown that rampant racism and discrimination have decreased all over the world. This is due in part to countless multicultural families helping diversify our knowledge of culture and cultural adaptation.

Building on the notion of cultural diversification, what are the major cultural differences that men face when dating Russian women? We can't deny it, Russian women have been a major talking point when it comes to discussing Russia. They have an innate sense of elegance and beauty. Quite honestly, Russian women have become somewhat of a dream for western men.

Personality of Russian Women

One thing we have to understand about Russian women is that they are very traditional. Russian women would prefer to retain their unique cultural identities and follow through with traditional customs in Russian culture. Traditional customs in Russia usually do not replace modern ways of life. On the contrary, Russian women are at the forefront of feminism around the world.

Russian women are also classy. They are not high maintenance. It just means that they actually make the effort to be formal, to dress well. In a relationship with a Russian woman, you will see how well she dresses each time she leaves the house.

In Russian culture, getting married at a young age is quite common. This is still very evident today as the average age of women getting married go from around 23-26 years old. This is certainly changing, but the older generation in Russia still sees family as the most important part of life.

Though you and your Russian girlfriend may be content with dating, her family will likely ask her about marriage.

With that traditional viewpoint on marriage, also comes the traditional viewpoint on gender roles in society. Generally the custom sees the husband as the provider while the wife takes care of domestic responsibilities.

In Russia, it is also expected that men are to be gentle. This culture stems from the philosophy of men being the “stronger sex” while the females are known as the “prettier sex”. Russian women aren’t thought of as inferior, but instead are to be protected.

Cultural Differences Men Experience While Dating Russian Women

It is quite inevitable to experience differences when it comes to culture. This cultural difference is also the most important challenge. This will influence how each individual approaches a certain relationship.

Some of these cultural differences may have been stereotyped generalizations lacking any validity.

Traditional Gender Roles

As we have discussed, traditional gender roles are still observed. This is quite distinct to modern western culture where feminism and other forms of female empowerment movements are the custom.

Russian women conform to traditional gender roles. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are okay with being inferior in the relationship. Studies have shown women across multiple cultures a prefer to stick to the traditional gender roles.

Hookup Culture vs Committed Relationships

The hookup culture is currently the new trend in western dating. This has been the modern culture for the past few decades and is still quite prevalent today. Most western singles tend to not think about marriage or any forms of settling down until their 30s.

In Russian culture, you are either dating or not dating. Vaguely defined relationships rarely exist in Russia. Women, especially traditionally-minded Russian women, prefer to marry early, thus they often would prefer committed relationships over the hookup culture.

Communication Barriers

Although Russian women typically speak English well, language barriers are to be expected. Language barriers arise especially when it comes to international and intercultural marriages.

However, simply finding a common language doesn’t solve the communication challenges.

The way a person communicates with Russian women will matter.

In the western culture a “no” simply means a no without any exceptions. In the Russian communication process, a “ no” means an invitation to a negotiation. Misunderstandings aren’t only encountered due to a language barrier, but rather how both cultures use language to communicate.

Familial Values

Russian culture is known for its very familial values. The family unit is much more important to people in Russia and Russian women are no exception.

You will quickly find that Russian women value what their parents think. They are usually eager to introduce their partner to their parents. This can be overwhelming to many expats living in Russia.

In Western culture, meeting the family of your partner is usually one of the last steps before marriage. This is definitely not the case in a Russian family.

Russian women Dress to Impress

Russian women tend to make the effort to look their best every time. Due to the traditional gender roles of women being the “prettier sex” , Russian women will be at a statistical disadvantage.

Even when dating Russian women in a committed relationship, they maintain the habit of looking well. This is not necessarily because she’s looking for other partners and leaving you. No. Rather, this is a deeply ingrained cultural trait that Russian women have.

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