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Why Date Younger Russian Women

How to find love in Russian
Russian WomenDating women in Russia can be hard, but it can be worth it.
Photo by Adam Kontor from Pexels

A lot of men all over the globe are not going to deny themselves the prospect of dating younger Russian women should the opportunity ever present itself, rare as it is. Then there are some men who actually find themselves in that enviable position, but they may not know how to ask out a younger woman. On the other hand, there are some men who do know how, but the problem therein lies in the actual dating.

The thing about dating is that there generally needs to be some commonality between the people involved in the dating itself, some threat that goes both ways to insure some sense of mutuality. A man who is dating a woman 20 years younger than himself may find that such threads are harder to come by than a man who is dating a woman 10 years younger than himself.

Of course, simply having things in common is not always guaranteed to make a relationship stable. Two people can basically be the exact same person and they still will not click romantically because they have no chemistry with each other. Having things in common is not always a guarantee that a relationship is going to work out.

Still, men who wish to date younger women would probably do well to understand a few things about the process so that they may maximize their chances of finding a successful and satisfying relationship that sees both parties getting what they want out of it, whatever that might be. To impress these younger Russian ladies, here are a few tips:

  1. Foot the Bill

    Most traditional gender roles generally cast the role of breadwinner on the man. This means the man is responsible for bringing money into the household, bringing home the bacon, so to speak. Now, because of the way that careers work with time, an older man may find themselves having to be the breadwinner when dating a woman who is significantly younger than him.

    A woman who is younger is not going to have the same amount of time to get settled or get ahead in their careers as a man who is significantly older than she is, which means that she’s not going to have the same financial capability as he does.

    So any man that tries his hand at dating women who might not seem like a paramour at first glance may need to prepare to shoulder the bulk of the financial burden. Besides, men are generally expected to pay on dates anyway.

  2. Not Being Seen as a Couple at First Glance

    A woman who knows what it is to date an older man will experience people looking in on her relationship may not perceive it as romantic at a glance. This may be a reality that you have to be accustomed to, people seeing your relationship and assuming that the relationship is familial and not romantic.

    It is not an uncommon thing for a couple with a significant age gap to not be seen as a romantic pairing at the outset. If the age gap is significant enough, you would probably be mistaken for father and daughter. In more extreme cases, a couple with such a gap can be seen as a grandfather being very close with his granddaughter.

    So if you want to date women in Russia, many of whom may be a decade or two younger than you, you’ll have to be prepared for such assumptions from other people. That’s just one thing that a couple with a significant age gap will have to contend with.

    While it is true that most couples in America are generally the same age, with the age gap being only a handful of years and not enough that one partner can be mistaken for the parent or grandparent of the other, it is still not fun for people to make assumptions.

  3. Stay Fit

    There’s really no getting around age. Younger people tend to have more energy than older people. Something that wipes out a 45-year-old, like a hangover or some fatigue, are both things that a 22-year-old may be able to shake off with no ill effects whatsoever. So if you’re dating a Russian woman who is younger than you, you may find yourself having a bit of a hard time keeping up with her seemingly boundless energy.

    Of course, there are a few ways for an older person to physically keep up with someone who might be a fraction of their age. One way is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help boost a person’s energy levels. So taking a walk every other day may be beneficial to your love life if you want to date Russian women who are younger than you are.

  4. New Experiences

    The thing about people is that they don’t generally grow up in a bubble. This means that they generally experience things and those experiences can shape their likes, their dislikes, their personalities. Basically, their experiences can shape who they are as people.

    Now, someone who is younger is likely to have different experiences than someone who is older. Also, the world in which a 20 something has grown up in is a vastly different world than that which a 40 or 50 something has grown up in.

    This means that the things that they like and dislike may be different from yours. So if you are dating someone younger, you may need to open yourself up to the things that she likes.

  5. Just Have Fun with It

    Another tip that men who are dating women who are younger than they are is to simply have fun. Sure, the world can judge and the relationship may have a bit of friction thanks to generational differences, but relationships in general can be tricky.

    Even people who are similar to the point that they might literally be the same person in different bodies are going to have friction. So have fun while you can despite the differences.

    Not everyone gets to date younger Russian women. Those that do may find some hardships in doing so, but persevering can lead to a good life.

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