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9 Signs a Russian Woman Has Fallen in Love With You

A photo of a Russian woman conversing with a western man at a social gathering
Russian WomenFind out if the Russian woman you’re dating has fallen for you!

With the continued rise of online dating and matchmaking sites, there has also been a huge increase in the number of foreign men wanting to date internationally.

Among the popular options these men go for are, of course, Russian women. These ladies may seem traditional and easy going, but for you to truly know one, you have to experience dating one yourself.

Some say that knowing how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you is a near impossible task. As a result, men from western countries begin to doubt their chances about whether or not they can experience true love with a Russian lady.

Although dating in Russia is very much different from what you’re used to, being part of a loving relationship with a Russian woman isn’t that difficult to pursue. Simply start with the basics — learn about their culture when it comes to love and relationships. Perhaps learning a little bit of their language can go a long way, too.

Russian women are extremely sweet and loving, and despite their reputation for being tough and independent, they have a soft spot for romance. They are suckers for men who are able to sweep them off their feet.

During the course of getting to know the Russian woman you’re dating, it is only natural that you will have already known the subtleties of her character and mannerisms, but the question is, how will you know if she has fallen in love with you? How can you take your relationship to the next level if you don’t know what signs to look out for?

As such, the following are the most common signs indicating that a Russian woman is ready to take the next step with you:

  1. She laughs with you, not at you.

    Have you ever experienced that awkward moment where your date seems to be laughing at you, and not at your jokes? If a woman isn’t interested in you, there is a tendency that she will look for your flaws. Although she might not always directly laugh at you, she could already be thinking about not seeing you again.

    Cruel, right? That’s why most men take the time to do their research before going on an actual date, especially if it’s with a foreign lady.

    It may be hard to distinguish between the two, but what you should look out for is the timing. Laughing together with you is a clear sign that she wants you to think that she finds you funny, and possibly charming.

  2. She listens intently when you speak.

    Women in general prefer to speak rather than listen. This behavior can be related to the human hierarchy when it comes to needs, which implies that a woman’s needs tends to precede that of a man’s. While it may seem sexist, it dwells on the fact that men are supposed to be the protectors of women.

    When you find that she takes delight in listening to you more than talking, she obviously adores you and is always eager to listen to you speak your mind. This is usually paired with a seductive stare that will remind you of how mesmerizing Russian beauties are.

  3. She often stares at you.

    They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and rightly so. If she starts staring at you more often, it's possible that she’s falling in love with you. These ladies are known to be hard to attract, but if you play your cards right, you’ll find yourself at the receiving end of their entrancing stare.

  4. She gets jealous often.

    When a Russian woman likes you, she can become jealous even for the smallest of reasons. She may act like she doesn’t want to share you with anyone else, but the positive side to this is that you know she is serious about you.

  5. She never misses an opportunity to be with you.

    The fact that she never fails to spend time with you only means that she’s happy to have you around. You never have to wait long to ask her out on a date because she readily takes every opportunity to be with you.

  6. She gives you a pet name.

    Endearment is often used by couples when they feel comfortable and closer to each other. Such a gesture not only adds a pinch of personalization to your relationship, but it also implies some sort of ownership — that you belong to each other.

  7. She doesn’t mind your flaws.

    Rather than criticizing you for your flaws, she will help you grow and overcome them. She will motivate you to be a better person and give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

  8. She becomes touchy.

    Physical intimacy is necessary for a relationship to grow. This may start with simple gestures like holding hands, sharing a kiss, and cuddling in bed. If you notice that she starts to do these things more often, it’s most likely that she feels safe with you and believes that you wouldn’t cause her any harm.

  9. She makes plans for the future with you.

    Talking about a future with you in it is one of the clearest signs that show she’s interested in having you around for a long time, perhaps always. That said, you can be sure that she’s fallen head over heels for you.

Making the Next Move With a Russian Beauty

One of the many benefits of dating a Russian girl is you get to feel loved all the time. These women can be hopeless romantics, but ultimately, they just want to make their partner happy. Whether it’s through sweet gestures or kind words, giving you gifts or cooking your favorite meals, all these basically point out to the fact that love is in the air.

A romantic love doesn’t always have to be shown through words and actions, either. It can be in the way you feel about each other whenever you’re together. Remember that when you’re in love, you are filled with positive emotions and you start to do selfless things all for the sake of making your partner happy.

It’s no different when it comes to a Russian woman. She can do just about anything to express how much you mean to her, and it’s your job to be aware of these things so that you can reciprocate her actions and make your love for each other official.

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