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Maintaining Confidence While Dating Russian Women

A photo of a man raising a glass while dating a girl
Russian WomenRussian women prefer to date confident and respectful men.

The very thought of dating Russian women has brought many hopeful bachelors to their knees. At the mere mention of the idea, you can practically see the thoughts flying off a man’s head. Tall, sexy, and drop-dead gorgeous - these are enough to make supermodels clench in envy. Expectations are so high you’d need two mountain goats and a sherpa to scale them.

Funny stereotypes aside, self-confidence while dating has always and will continue to be an issue men need to figure out. Confidence comes in various degrees, from a person’s innate social skills to the very context upon which those skills are exercised.

The context is this: What do you do when faced with the opportunity to date a Russian lady?

While stereotypes aren’t true for everyone, they are part of the scouting report. Russian women are known to be absolutely beautiful. They really know how to take care of their bodies. They bask in their femininity and require men to be men in the conventional sense.

While your date may be an exception, knowing what you’re dealing with will give you ample ground to prepare.

In the end, the goal is for both you and your elegant date to have a good time, good enough for more dates, so on and so forth. Understandably, you will be dealing with the crushing weight of expectations on both your part and hers. You could also be dealing with personal esteem issues, like feeling socially inept or romantically inadequate, further complicating things.

Let’s tackle some of these problems by going over some tips, designed to usher you along on a hopefully smooth and successful date night.

Primary Focus: You

It doesn’t matter whether you are dating your high school crush or a Victoria’s Secret model, having confidence gives you the best shot at getting her to like you. Yes, girls can still end up liking socially awkward men, but having a healthy dose of self-confidence translates well into other facets of your life.

So what exactly does self-confidence do for you?

A great many things, good sir. It allows you to come off as natural. When you are natural, you don’t have to try so hard to please your date. You don’t come off as needy. Instead of gravitating towards other people, people gravitate towards you. You become the kind of person others want to be with.

You can spot a fake from miles away. If you’re confident, you can be comfortable with who you are. Women like that. A lot.

Next question: How?

A two-fold answer. The first is through constantly repeating things that are initially difficult. Lack of self-confidence is a mental thing. Remove that issue from your head and replace it with high esteem, then you are a totally different person, capable of doing the impossible.

Example: Respectfully greet a lady every day and find something to graciously compliment her on. It will be awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that talking to people will be much easier.

The second way to gain confidence is simple, don’t overthink. Don’t worry too much about the outcome. No matter what happens, understand that life goes on and live to date another day.

Lastly, there is no greater secret to confidence building than working on yourself. Exercise, work out, eat healthy. Dress better, improve your grooming, and read more books. Never bank on someone else to be happy, it never turns out well for either of you.

Note: While many men turn to beverages of a more alcoholic nature to help them feel more confident, it would be best advised to resort to this in moderation. We are quite certain that being “smashed out of your mind” isn’t the kind of impression you want to give the ladies.

Secondary Focus: Her

As the great Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Russian women, in many ways, are the hard-hitters of the dating game. Stunningly beautiful? Check. Have high expectations? Check. Expecting you to pay? Double check. Combinations left and right, reducing you to a bumbling fool if you come unprepared.

While this might sound scary at first, don’t be. Stick to the game plan and you’ll be fine. Let’s tackle maintaining poise while dating.

They Like Foreigners

While not a hard and fast rule, know that being a foreigner, you hold a distinct advantage. Many Russian women feel that foreigners know how to treat women better. Also, there are less Russian men than women. Don’t be cocky, but understand that you have the upper hand.


Russian women are conventional dating specimens, they expect a man to be the man. Expect to pay and take the lead. However, always be honest and realistic with what you can or cannot give.

Appreciate and Compliment

Women in Russia aren’t just born beautiful, they’ve pretty much mastered the craft. Understand that while combing your hair takes a mindless 30 seconds to do, a hairdo for them requires all the seriousness, precision, and work of a hostage-rescue mission. Dropping sincere compliments, paying attention to detail, and simply appreciating their efforts is a surefire way to win their hearts.

Showing appreciation takes away the pressure and focus from yourself. It allows you to be more relaxed with how you feel about yourself. Don’t overdo it, though, as putting a woman on a pedestal is never a good idea.


It may be counterintuitive to see such physically glamorous ladies for more than their outward appearances, but this is extremely critical. Russian women just want someone to love and care for them, not treat them like objects. If you see a Russian lady as someone worth loving and caring for, you tend less to impress her and try more to relate with her.

At the end of the day, beauty fades, but friendship and love remain. Think this way and you won’t have to worry about being nervous or losing your cool.

Having a relationship with a Russian woman is something many foreign men dream of. They believe that dating a Russian woman is the pinnacle of a man’s romantic prowess. While not far from the truth, it can cause a man to overthink and lose confidence.

However, if you know what you want in a relationship and in a woman, then focus on that because in the end, you have to be happy too.

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