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Can Foreign Men Impress Russian Women?

Women in blue striped dress
Russian WomenUnderstand how to impress Russian girls to find love. Photo by
Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

There are a lot of men all over the world who want to date Russian women. But the thing is that women are people and the men who want to date them are not exactly limited; so the chance of getting lost in the shuffle is not exactly zero. Which means that a man who wants to succeed is going to have to find some way to stand out and be impressive.

The thing is that men want to impress women, at least that is how it is with some species, like how peacocks have vibrant plumage or how male lions have manes and not the females. But not every single man on the face of the planet knows how to impress women. There are some men who don’t know how to date and find love and all that other stuff.

There are a lot of simple ways men can do in order to be more impressive and a few other ways that are not easily accessible to a lot of men but still go a long way towards being impressive towards women in Russia. Not every man knows how to impress a girl, but there are a few ways to learn how:

  1. Shell Out
  2. Traditional gender roles generally dictate that when a man and a woman are out on a date, then it is on the man to pay for the whole thing. There is also no denying that there are people out there who could be classified as gold diggers and that these people will not be unimpressed if a man is able to pull out a wallet and pay for the whole date without a second thought.

    It may not be the most romantic way to find a partner, but there are people who have relationships that start out this way and they end up pretty satisfied. Many pairings that start out this way even approach something akin to happiness.

  3. Use Your Height
  4. Studies have shown that women in general tend to prefer men who are a bit taller than the average, with the magic number being around six feet tall or taller. But the vast majority of men in the United States are not going to hit that number. Less than a fifth of men in the US are six feet or more when it comes to their height, with the rest of men hovering around five-foot-nine or so, the average.

    There are a few good reasons for that preference towards taller men. Height gives off the impression of being more dominant and being more confident. Some women also feel safer with a taller man than they would with a shorter man.

    The thing about height is that a man who does not have an exorbitant amount of it can still give off the illusion that he does in order to better impress a Russian woman. Standing up straight and observing proper posture can help make a man look taller than he actually is.

    If proper posture is not enough by itself, there is always the option to use shoes to enhance height. There are a lot of different types of lifts that a person can purchase and slide into regular shoes in order to give him a few extra inches in height. There are also shoes that are designed specifically to give a man a boost in his height so he looks taller.

    So there are more than a few ways in which a man can get the height that he feels like he needs in order to impress Russian women.

  5. Use Your Words
  6. The thing about girls in Russia is that they are Russian. It is very likely that the first language that they speak is Russian, because again, they are from Russia and the primary language spoken there is indeed Russian. A lot of men know how to impress a woman by words, but their methods may be hindered by the presence of a language barrier.

    But learning a few phrases in Russian can help a man start sweet talking the women he wants to be with. It can also help him stand out from all the other guys who are vying for the attention of Russian girls as well.

    So a man who wants to date in Russia would do well to pick up a phrase book and learn a few phrases so as to actually be able to sweet talk the woman that you are with who happens to be Russian.

  7. Picture Perfect
  8. The thing about the women of Russia is that they are in Russia because of the whole bit about them being of Russian origin. Now, many of the men who want to date these women are not from Russia, which is where the women are from. This makes it somewhat difficult to even meet someone and if you can’t meet someone, it’ll be very hard to impress them.

    One way in which impressions can be made is through online dating. One of the most important parts of online dating is the gallery of pictures that the users use in order to show themselves off. Using the right pictures can garner positive attention and leave a pretty good impression on a woman perusing the profile.

  9. Crack Wise
  10. Humor is an important thing in dating. Lots of women like it when a guy can make them laugh and a guy who can make a girl laugh stands a better chance of getting a date than a guy who has the personality of stale white bread.

    But it should be noted that humor is subjective and part of that subjectivity is the cultural background of a person. Just because your boys think that your jokes are funny doesn’t mean that a woman from Russia, who might be significantly younger than you and thus have different cultural touchstones, will be entertained by your zingers.

    Impressing Russian women can be a pretty hard thing for some guys. But it is something that is doable.

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