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Things You'll Need Traveling to Russia

 A picture of a Russian skyline
Russian WomenVisiting Russia is a lot easier when you have the
right equipment

There are people who are traveling to Russia and you might be one of them. You may have already picked out your destination, your hotel, and you may already know why you want to travel to Russia in the first place.

Most Russians probably don’t even know everything there is to know about Russia. You may know what the major cities are, but that might be the extent of your knowledge.

Now, there are a few things that you’ll need if you’re visiting Russia. First of all, you need to know what the local laws are, especially if you don’t want to get on the bad side of the Russian government.

While the Cold War chapter in Russian government history may be over and there have been a few changes since then, it’s still not a good idea for tourists to run afoul of Russian authorities since that’s a legal mess even with lawyers helping you out.

So head over to a Russian government website to brush up on what you can and can’t do, especially in public areas.

But it’s not just some basic legal knowledge that you’ll need if you’ve gone ahead and decided that it’s time to visit Russia. You’re going to need a few things.

A really good suitcase

The type of suitcase that you’re going to need to bring is going to vary based mainly on two factors - the length of your stay and how much traveling you’ll be doing in the country. Are you going to stay in one hotel in the same city? Are you going to stick to well-known cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg and are you going to travel anywhere else after Russia?

If you’re staying for a short time in one city, then a medium-sized carry-on with separate compartments for your clothes should be fine. A longer, multi-city trip may require a suitcase that’s so big that it needs to be checked in.

Also, packing cubes would be good. Packing cubes can maximize the space inside of a suitcase so that you pack everything without having to resort to sitting on your luggage to get it to close.

A sleep mask

This is more for the plane than it is for the actual country, but a really good sleep mask is going to be a huge boon if you have a hard time sleeping. Not only do they block out ambient light that can keep you awake, some of them have headphones built in so you can play white noise to help lull you to sleep.

An RFID wallet for your passport and your bank cards

Getting scammed is pretty bad. Getting scammed in a foreign country where you may not have access to your support system is even worse because you’re going to feel like you’re all alone, which you kind of are to some extent.

One great way to protect yourself and your information is to keep your bank cards, like your debit and credit cards, and your passport, is to keep them in a wallet or a case that blocks RFID signals.

Keeping them in this type of case prevents people from electronically scanning your sensitive documents and accessing information you’d rather not have accessed.

Cold weather gear

Russia is infamous for its winters. If you want to know how infamous, you’d have to ask Napoleon’s army. Except you can’t because they fought a Russian winter and the Russian winter won.

So if you do find yourself traveling to Russia, then make it a point to pack some cold weather gear because Russian winters do not play around and you don’t want to take your chances with one.

Lip balm

Another danger of the cold that’ll hit you upon arriving in Russia is dehydration. Your skin can get all dry and flaky and dryness can spread to your lips as well.

So if you’re planning on using your lips at any point during the trip, then lip balm is your friend. Just apply it on your lips and let it do its work to moisturize them.

Some type of skin serum

Dry skin may be something that can be ignored, but if you’re not a big fan of it, then there are ways to fix it. There are a lot of vitamin C-infused serums that you can use on your face provided you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.

A serum will keep your skin looking moist and rejuvenated. Also, get some lotion because lotion will keep the rest of your skin hydrated and help soothe any irritation that that dryness will bring.

Good socks

One thing that a lot of people underestimate when they’re traveling is the importance of good socks. Comfortable socks can be the difference between aching feet and feet that are more than happy to keep on walking the next day.

A few pairs of good socks that’ll support your feet can be a pretty good investment for someone who’s traversing a foreign land.

Noise-cancelling earphones

One of the great drawbacks of traveling is the noise. The noise can come in a number of ways such as the roar of the engine and even a baby crying. It can get so bad that even the idle chatter of your fellow passengers can feel like nails being driven into your ears.

A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can go a long way towards drowning out not just the noise that the other people make, but also the noise that the plane itself makes.

People travel to Russia for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want to see the changes in Russian government that have been made since the Berlin Wall fell.

Maybe they want to experience a Russian winter without the danger. Maybe they want to get a good look at Russian architecture. Maybe they have someone that they need to see in the country.

A visa

Another thing that a visitor from the United States is going to need to go to Russia is an entry visa. The Russian Federation requires entry visas issued by either an embassy or a consulate. You will have to apply for a visa in the early stages of planning your trip.

Whatever your reason for traveling to Russia, make it a point to take steps to maximize your convenience before and during your trip. You'll want to make good memories while you’re there and that’s a lot easier to do when you’re not mildly irritated at some small thing.

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