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5 Dating Tips for The Earth-Loving Couple | Low-Cost & Low-Impact Fun

A couple lounging behind a car, watching the sunset
Russian WomenYour relationship can be cooler and more exciting with these 5
low-cost and environment-friendly dating tips.

The global temperature is undeniably rising, and although there are national and international efforts to curve the trajectory of this climate crisis, it is never too late to do your own part in saving and protecting the beautiful planet that you walk on. So how can you go green without sacrificing all the fun?

Hit up Google and there are many ways you can cut back on your carbon emissions or consume less meat. Minimalism and sustainable living are hot topics now as well. Yes, you can do these and more — or do these with your one true love! Wouldn't the sacrifice feel and work better when doing it with a partner?

Cue in unique, sustainable and ultimately fun, cheap date ideas that you can do to cement your obviously flourishing romantic relationship. Say “no go” to the common movie nights, shopping sprees and international trips, and swap them out with these 5 green, basic dating tips that are good for the heart, the pocket and, of course, Mother Earth!

  • Make couple exercise greater than it already is by picking up litter.
    Build strong bones, strengthen your muscles, burn fat and enjoy all the other health benefits through daily exercise. Be it in your local gym, at your home and office building or in the public park, you and your partner can sweat it out while also doing good for the environment.

    Pick up the litter you see along the way and learn how to properly segregate them into their correct receptacles.

    You can even take it up a notch and join the Litterati movement on Instagram to create a litter-free world.

    Maybe you can keep the poses in while lowering down to pick that empty can up.

  • Packed lunches and picnics are classics that can be plant-based.
    Cool down from the grind with a homemade lunch masterpiece that you can combine with local, organic choices — change the beef with tempeh, the plastic-packed powdered juices with in-season fruits, etc.

    Cuddle under the skies with no guilt and with a full tummy! Not to mention, you saved money with the cheap ingredients and flavored a labor of love in your food.

  • Travel and learn while cutting down on carbon.
    First tip is to plan ahead. Locate the places you want to visit and check how two people can go around through public transportation or, better yet, through walking. You will surely miss a good measure of local culture if you trap yourself in a private car or prefer the plane to move around — not counting the effect of the colossal carbon footprint you will produce.

    The second date tip is to visit free exhibits, the library or even mingle with the locals. Anywhere you can learn is a good place to be in! And hey, getting lost together can be some sort of fun.

  • Join an eco-group organization or set up your own.
    Transform your environmental crusade from personal to community-wide by registering to local environmental organizations. There are even groups who specialize in certain Sustainable Development Goals.

    How about when there is none available at home and you and your partner are totally into making that concrete step for the planet? Well, the answer is in that statement — you and your partner! Set up your own org and start connecting with and doing it for the world. Entice people by sharing things they can easily do, like these green dating tips for new relationships.

  • Get competitive!
    Say what? Should a healthy relationship be competitive? Yes! Make each other grow through challenging your limits and broadening your knowledge.

    Play chess, join NaNoWriMo or get crafty at home. Make use of what you already have, use your imagination and simply have fun — and, bam!, cheap, green solutions for an awesome date!

Guaranteed fun, responsible and easy to do, these dating tips will surely spice up your relationship! Be the partner heroes the world needs today with your simple help.

Don’t know where to start or where to find the same-minded partner for you? No worries, here at Russia Women, thousands of single, lovely and beautiful-hearted Russian women are waiting to find their future ecowarrior partners. Sign up for free and let’s aide the world one green date at a time.

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